When a house or building needs to be cleared and the owner can not or does not want to do it themselves, they hire house clearance companies to do it for them. Hiring a house clearing company can be a good experience or a very bad experience depending on the company that is hired. There are both honest, dependable clearance companies and fly by night scoundrels who offer low prices, then take advantage of their customers. Hiring A service to clear a property can play out two entirely different ways as these friends found out.

One friend needed to clear her mother’s house after she died. The house was sold and the new owners anxious to move in. Money was tight so she hired a company that promised the cheapest rates in town if cash payment was made in advance. The morning they were to clear the house of unwanted items, they were two hours late getting there. Once they started the job they demanded more money, saying the job was bigger than they thought. She felt threatened and uneasy but paid them the extra money. As they rushed through the job they caused damage to walls and door trim that dismayed her. When they left, there were still items she had to pick up and haul away herself. As she did this, she discovered that some items she had wanted to keep were missing. When she called the company, they would not help her or admit any wrongdoing.

The other friend went to the Association Of UK House Clearance Companies website and got a list of reputable house clearance companies near her. She then visited each company website including essexwasteremoval.co.uk. She made sure that each company she was considering had proper licensing with the environmental agency and had liability insurance. She checked to make sure they were registered with the UK tax offices. She then got guarantees that they did not practice fly-tipping or any other illegal dumping practices. The company she chose came to her house and gave her a binding bid for the work and scheduled a time and day to clear her house when she signed the contract. Before the crew came to load her unwanted property into a truck and drive Away With It Waste Removal, she separated the things she was keeping and put them into a separate room with the door closed. When the job was completed on time, she was given an invoice which she was glad to pay.

It does not take much effort or time to make sure the clearance company hired is a reputable one who will do a good job on schedule. That time is well spent in assuring a positive, safe experience in the clearing of a home. For more advice and helpful information, go to the website.